FITC Spotlight on Hardware

Coming on June 8, 2013 is FITC’s Spotlight event dedicated to hardware! They’ve lined up 10 creative technologists (including two of our own!) to cover the hottest platforms impacting the tech world: Google Glass, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Leap Motion, 3D printing, drones, depth cameras and more!

Join FITC for a full day of presentations and demos with an hour long, hands-on portion where you can interact with ALL of the presenters and their hardware and ask questions, one-on-one!

Feel free to use our discount code ‘cttoronto’ and be sure to come see CT Toronto members Marc Pelland talk about drones and Christopher Lewis show you how simple sensors can be to use and show some of his amazing work (the other presenters are extremely awesome too !!).

FITC Spotlight on Hardware

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