RF Communication, Haptic Augmentation and Myo Electric Sensors oh my!

It’s time for the CTT to embark on another project cycle!

After a bit of discussion and a few pints, the fall equinox was selected as the target event. We are celebrating the only time of year when the subsolar point is on the Equator and moving southward.

The hat yielded technologies that fit deliciously well together:


* RF Communication
* Haptic Augmentation
* Myo Electric Sensors
* Arduinos

The human control element of these technologies were immediately evident. The idea quickly took shape into a game of capture the flag. The game will be comprised of two teams where sensory deprived team members (or avatars) are controlled by master players using RF communication. The game will take place in an open space with obstacles for the masters to navigate their human puppets around.

The project teams are:


We will be conducting several tech talks to familiarize project team members with each of the selected technologies. This coming Wednesday July 3 2013, Christopher Lewis and Marc Pelland will hold a workshop for Arduino from 7:00PM Р8:00PM (Location TBD so stay tuned).  Followed by technical introductions from the team leaders to explain the technologies that were selected.

Welcome to project #4 The Emerald Wasp Equinox

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