Emerald Wasp Equinox – Dance With Me

Wednesday night was our third meeting for the Fall Equinox project.  We have already selected our initial technologies, done the basic brainstorming, hosted workshops for Arduino, Electromyography, Electric Theory, Haptic Augmentation, and RF Communication.  The ultimate goal for the meetup on Wednesday was to finish the brainstorming process to ensure that we are all on the same page with a project idea and to furthermore ensure that the project fits with the target theme (Fall Equinox).

Autumn Equinox Festival

Over the course of the night, the discussion took many different directions with a crazy amount of different ideas.  We considered everything from a zombie scavenger hunt type idea, to dunk tanks.  After lots of debate we ended up with a dance related theme.  Dancing was something that was brought up in the initial brainstorming session because the equinox made some members thing of burning man and some other festivals that happen around the equinox.

The idea is to have a dancer hooked up to a number of myo-electric sensors that read their muscle activity. As they move, their muscle activity is recorded and sent to another dancer who is rigged with haptic feedback devices (probably vibrating motors).  The second dancer will be a ‘shadow’ of the first dancer, they will be received a haptic instruction about what the first dancer is doing and dance in response to that.

This is more of an artistic route than the original game idea but equally exciting.  We have our goals in mind and understand most of the technical components so it is time to start building.  As with many of our projects, this idea is something that will organically change throughout the build process as we figure out exactly how it will be presented and executed.

Thanks to everyone that came out on Wednesday and we look forward to seeing you next week as the build process begins.  If you would like to be a part of this project, please contact someone on our Facebook page, shoot us an message through the contact form or email contact@cttoronto.com and we will coordinate details for next week.

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