Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

toronto_mmf_logos_googleplusA couple of months ago at a Create in TO event where Christopher Lewis and I were speaking, it was also announced that Maker Faire is coming back to Toronto this year.  We promptly attended the launch party and discovered that there is a great and diverse community of maker enthusiasts in the city!

I am writing this, just in case you haven’t heard that it is here. And also to let you know a couple other fun things.  First, we have a 20% off discount ( for you to go to the event for a little bit cheaper and also that it happens to coincide with the Fall Equinox… this is interesting because the second fun thing is that we just happen to be targeting a launch of our current project that weekend !

So if you are able to, come out and play around with us on a Wednesday night, and come with us to Wychward Barns for the Maker Faire this coming September 21 / 22.

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