Down Periscope, Silent Service & Effing Sean Connery

Ok boys and girls and everything in between, it’s time for another CTT brainstorm!


Last year, CTT had a super successful Pi Day.  As fun as it was and as much as we wanted to one up Pi Fighter, we decided to go in a different direction this spring.


After lots of deliberation, Submarine Day was selected.  Keep your eyes peeled hack-fans – March 17th is the day.  More on that here –


There may be some cross pollination with Panic Day as well.  Small confined spaces, people you may or may not like, and the possibility that there may only be one person of your sexual preference that everyone else is also after like some kind of big messy Smurfette situation.  You know what I’m saying.


The brainstorm led to some telling group revelations:

  • There is an Awesome and a Sh*tty Sean Connery
  • Parallel parking is extra sucky with submarines (sadness)
  • Effing James Cameron


Once again, we all tossed sexy technologies in a hat and by random selection drew the following:


We’re still hashing out the details.  So far we think an old skool physical game might be cool with a virtual reality element.  Something along the lines of something in the physical world being controlled by the virtual world.

Plus, old skool reminds me of my basement.  This leads me to another thought – there is not enough wood paneling.  (x-posted for your pleasure:

For the functionality what are we thinking? We don’t even know yet.


Outstanding Questions:

  • Should it involve an aquarium or be overhead?
  • Creating a periscope by mounting cameras on an x & y axis?
  • Shooting virtual and physical octopus?
  • “Harpooning” sharks?
  • Harpooning lobster? – the poor man’s shark?
  • Bombing submarines from above using augmented reality overhead blimps?
  • Shark (or poor mans shark) saddles?
  • An underwater submarine obstacle course?


One idea that gained some traction was a sonar idea.


The idea is that a virtual sonar to potentially gamify into sinking battleships or detect whatever objects are in our physical environment.  Think Daredevil.  We could potentially use leap motion to control where the sonar ping is directed.  We could potentially triangulate a few Kinects to act as the sonar.


Ok makers, we want to know what you think!  What ideas do you have?


Stay tuned for details on our next meetup.  If you haven’t had a chance to come out, you should because we are playing with Oculus Rifts – and that is just badass.


If you don’t know much about the tech behind it, don’t fret – we will post details on upcoming tech talks to help introduce you to the technology.  Help is always welcome regardless of your tech skill level.


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