FITC 2015 Diorama-rama


We’re super excited for FITC 2015 – the entire group has been ridiculously busy preparing for the conference and our Diorama-rama event. Join us at FITC 2015 Toronto – use our dicount code CTT and get a massive $150 off your conference ticket price!

If you drop in we will make something together:

  • Program a microcontroller chip with a custom message
  • Solder a simple circuit to broadcast that message in morse-code
  • Craft a paper building and attach the circuit
  • Add your message to the city

No experience required! We want to sit with you and make something together!

Our first morse code ATtiny85 – created at The Green Room

ATtiny85s come in sticks when you order enough of them! Purchased from Mouser for about $1.25 each

The first of 2 versions of the circuit that will be used to make the buildings flash. Classic newbie mistake: the circuit is printed backwards! I used the toner transfer method to create the circuit

Version 2 of the circuit. I printed on plain old printer paper – the transfer isn’t bad. For the final run of the circuits I used glossy photo paper instead – it’s a fairly disgusting plastic product that’s hard to work with, but the traces were thicker and more reliable.

The first test circuit. I was worried about not chroming the copper pads, but the solder adhered really well!

The first group test of our circuits!!!

Testing the lasercut buildings that Westley, Matthew and I designed.

We did a “preview” of the diorama-rama event with another meetup group, indesology. These 4 buildings were all created by guest participants – they’re the first set of buildings made by the public that will be part of the project! It was great to share some of what we’ve learned and see what resonated with people

94 more little circuits ready for 94 little hands! #dioramarama #cttoronto

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The final run of circuits. These 94 were cut on a bandsaw I bought just for this purpose. I can’t cut a straight line for the life of me!

CTT member Nadine salvaged some wood to be used for the base of the city. The base is essentially a giant Breadboard with a power rail running underneath it

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