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Mind control technology is real and coming to Toronto on March 14th, Pi Day. The Creative Technologists of Toronto (CTT) art and technology collective has created the first mind-controlled Pi Day-themed game, Pi Fighter 2. Pi Fighter 2 is an interactive virtual pie fight game, which will be available to the public during a one-night event hosted at The Handlebar, 159 Augusta Avenue, in Kensington Market at 9 p.m.

The game enables two players to move back and forth in real life, controlling video game characters and firing virtual pies at each other using EEG brain wave sensors; the more you concentrate, the faster the pies will travel. EEG brain
wave sensors are widely available and can be easily adapted to achieve rudimentary computer-aided tasks. Once a player has successfully hit their opponent with five virtual pies, the game will trigger a “Pie Gun” to shoot a real pie in the face of one of the participants. Additionally, slices of pie will be handed out to guests courtesy of Toronto’s renowned Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, also located in Kensington Market.

“Visitors will experience a lot of ‘firsts,'” says CTT member Christopher Lewis. “It will probably be the first time people have used a mind-controlled interface, the first time people have celebrated Pi Day and the first time they’ve seen a ‘Pie Gun.'”

CTT explores the potential of commonly available technologies by randomly selecting suggestions from CTT members. CTT members then brainstorm on interesting ways of combining the technologies with a preselected holiday or event. The members then dedicate two months to collaboratively learning, sharing experience and realizing the project. CTT is open to new members who can dedicate a minimum of four hours a week to meetings and have rudimentary digital skills, such as scripting.

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