We build projects in 2 month cycles, below is a summary of projects that the Creative Technologists have worked on the in the past.  If we are not able to complete a project by the target date it is considered a fail and we simply move onto the next one. If we do complete it, it is considered a success.

Project 5Cycle of the Ninja

Date: October 2013 – December 2013

Date: Currently in progress, the technologies that were chosen are beer funnels, vocals / singing, and networked video cameras (streaming video).

Outcome: ONGOING

Project 4bCrack A Quack

Date: August 2013 – September 2013

Date: Screens is a mobile conference run by FITC in Toronto.  We were asked to build something that we could house around a table at the conference.  Globacore had done a game called PaperDude-VR which is a take on an old NES game (Paperboy).  Using that as a theme, we built a DuckHunt style game where, on a smartphone, you could choose to control a duck or shoot the ducks.  Built in Adobe AIR, the app syncronizes with a Node server and to the Flash desktop application to allow duck controllers to flap their phone to fly and use the camera to shoot.

Outcome: SUCCESS

Project 4a: Dance for the Emerald Wasp Equinox

Date: June 2013 – September 2013

Date: The technologies that were chosen are electro-myo sensors, haptic augmented feedback, Arduino, and radio-frequency(RF) communication. We are in the progress of building a dancing installation where one dancer wears sensors that track their movements and the other wears feedback motors that they use to guide their dance. The muscle data is sent from the lead dancer to the other dancer(s) through RF transmitters.

Outcome: FAIL

Project 3: Drone DJ Etch-a-Sketch

Date: March 2013 – May 2013

Date: For the spring project, we chose vinyl, circuit bending, and android table for our technologies. We also added drones to the project requirements because of a strong interest by the group members. The group build a 20 x 14 foot wall that glows in the dark, mounted a laser onto a Parrot AR.Drone and controlled the flight of the drone with a set of turntables. The laser draws on the glow in the dark wall at the command of the person at the turntables.

Outcome: SUCCESS (still need a public display)

Project 2: Pi Day / PiFighter 2

Date: January 2013 – March 2013

Description: Our second project was for Pi Day, this project drew Raspberry Pi, Range Finders and Brainwave readers as technologies.  We decided on building a flash game that would be controlled with both your mind and your body.  The result of the game was someone getting hit in the face with a real pie.

Outcome: SUCCESS

Project 1: Christmas Decorator

Date: November 2012 – December 2012

Description: As our first project, we set out to build a ping pong ball shooter that would fire RFID enabled ping pong throwies at a tree equipped with RFID readers.  The decorator would act like a game and light up portions of the tree as they got hit.

Outcome: FAIL

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