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pifighter2_660x1020_frontOn March 14, 2013, we will be introducing our Pi Fighter 2 project. Pi Fighter 2 is an interactive Virtual Pie Fight game. The event is open to the public and will be hosted at The Handlebar, in Kensington.

The game lets two players move back and forth to control projected characters and fire virtual pies at one another using “mind control“. If one of the players lands a pie in the game, one of us will be hit in the face with a cream pie launched from our Pie Gun. Additionally, and definitely separately, there will be edible pie available to guests. :)

Each project cycle, we create an interactive experience inspired by an event or holiday and 3 randomly selected technologies. For this cycle, we choose Pi Day (March 14) and the technologies Raspberry Pi, “Brainwave Reader” and Proximity Sensors. Learn more about our process.

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  1. [...] We are going to be demoing the game at the Handlebar in Kensington Market on Pi Day, and all are welcome.  For some more information about what we are building, check out our page @ [...]

  2. [...] Pi Fighter – Creative Technologists of Toronto present the debut of Pi Fighter II project. You guessed it; a virtual pie fight! There will be real pie. Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave) – 9PM – Free [...]

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